Highs & Lows

Being at the top of the food chain can be both a great reward or your worst nightmare! Who can relate? I’m the rockstar at my job which means I’m worth the talent and the money they pay me. But, I’m not the actual boss unless I am running the store for them.

Which we all know means when you get a compliment your boss also does, but if it’s one of those days…….. forget it it’s all on you too.

So where do we get a Hell Yeah.? Hopefully we have managers and their managers that compliment us and brag about us at their meetings and mention us to their bosses about the promotion we deserve or at least give us a update on staffing and new items and discontinued items and current events and timely schedules.(At least give me more hours then your other 1 – 2 year employees)

I have 10 years with your company!

I deserve that . Don’t I ?

When I started back in 2008, I didn’t know much about the company it was a job I was on an island I needed work closer to home. U frequented this place regularly, I got to know the manager and i liked him he was strict and also had a sense of humor. Point made.

He convincwd me to start as a server and try it out. Told me I could easily make my 12. 50 hour and not drive 25 miles to work. He was right. I was used to being the boss or the person in charge. It was nice to be front and center in the hustle and bustle of morning breakfast crowds and taking in 5 / 10 dollar tips, best of all i worked 7 hours and brought home about 100 a day. Then I clocked out and enjoyed my sunsets and happy hours to do it again another day.

I was not stressed on paperwork, or my performance, or my clean tidy production line, or coming in behind a dirty cook who does not deserve or respect his job title, and having to clean 2 hours to get it to my standards which by the way, is also the companies.

I can’t for the life of me, figure out why i can’t be a bosses favorite. I’m just not that way. I can’t do something half assed or steal or cheat. I can’t sit and do mothing. I was not raised that way.

If I do not feel well I still push myself and just rest in little intervals. Or I ask off if its that bad. I get migraines regularly from the time I was 15. I know what triggers them, I know how far I can push myself, and if I have enough meds to continue or shut it down. My biggest threat is stress and blood pressure. (funny huh!)

Anyhow, I’m now a rockstar chef now. I’ve earned every ounce of sweat and paid my dues. I have stock in the company. 3 weeks vacation and I wear my uniform proudly. I will become a manager! I may have to struggle a little longer and watch all the new young blood who don’t know how to flip an egg, come in and strut their stuff. But sooner or later the right divisional or regional will see me and realize I’m here to stay.

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