Altered state / Astral projection

As I end my day at a very early morning time, I get the nervous energy to sleep and be fresh for the day ahead. Unfortunately it’s also increases my anxiety for getting to sleep and ending my day with a million and 1 ideas to be productive in my new life plan. I try and forget my money woes and job that I hate. My dreams take over and I have the perfect plan ….. If only I could be have enough money to pay my bills and live and build my dream career.

Sound familiar, well I have the weirdest dreams with what I call the “seeing from above my body” if anyone can help me here I could use the advise I’m thing astral traveling but not sure.

I am drifting off I think in asleep my eyes are closed but I can see and hear visions clearly as if I’m there. I check and yes my eyes are closed and I’m under the covers, my body is asleep and my brain is not. I can talk and hear everyone around me. I have woken up yelling or asking a question or grabbing for something, yes my dog is very confused. I immediately go back to sleep sometimes for good and sometimes fighting with my other self to shut up and let me sleep. Is the voices that people hear that have altar self?

There is a lot more I could discuss but here it’s 230 in the morning and I want to get up at 5 to begin my morning uber route. This is what I live to do, I want to be my own boss now and work several hours several times a day. I’m meeting people and actually paying attention to my surroundings. I’m shocked at how blind I’ve been to living. Getting up getting dressed up and make up and hair done. I feel alive people have normal conversation with me. I m happy. That is what I want “Happy”.

I will keep trying but I’m so wound up with those million and 1 ideas that I get tins of projects going and don’t finish half because im overwhelmed. And of course there is the real job I still have to go to.

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